Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Inhouse Qualifiers - Marist Center

Venue:  Angels' Hills Retreat and Formation Center
017 Maitim 2nd East, Tagaytay City
April 1 - 4, 2013
Level: Grade 1
No. Name School Code Number
1 Maliwat, Ralph Justin A. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9708-13
2 Roque, Jahred Keepe GK Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9710-13
3 Dela Cruz, Rovi Gabbiel L. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9714-13
4 Gonzales, Jude Bryan Marist School SCDQC9681-13
5 Pama, Kurt La Immaculada Conception School SCDQC9670-13
6 Ocampo, Noel J. Marist School SCDQC9683-13
7 Dela Paz, Vaughn Christian G. Marist School SCDQC9684-13
Level: Grade 2
No. Name School Code Number
1 Wu, Filbert Ephraim S. MGC New Life Chrisrtian Academy SCDQC9705-13
2 Gonzales, Lewis Ian Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9707-13
3 Marqueres, Kolin Benedict S. Marist School SCDQC9679-13
4 Relato, James Rafael La Immaculada Conception School SCDQC9668-13
5 Toma Cruz, Lei Pojoan S. Dee Hwa Liong Academy SCDQC9644-13
6 Rivera, Maria Anezka L. La Immaculada Conception School SCDQC9669-13
7 Gomez, Michael Jeremy C. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9711-13
8 Macantay, Gian Andrei M. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9713-13
Level: Grade 3
No. Name School Code Number
1 Ortiz Luis, Alysa Mira La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9957-13
2 Blanche,Erin Nicole P. Dee Hwa Liong Academy SCDQC9956-13
3 Peralta, John Harold R. La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9959-13
4 Jocoy, Gabrielle R. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9958-13
5 Yaneza, Gannaio B. La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9960-13
6 Del Rosario, Belle Ashley A. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9961-13
7 Barrera, Gayle Ayette C. San Beda Colleg Taytay SCDQC9753-13
8 Samera, Natalie B. College of San Benildo Rizal SCDQC9642-13
9 Cruz, Lanz D. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9724-13
10 Ramos, Kyle Louis B. San Beda Colleg Taytay SCDQC9754-13
11 Lati, Cyril Reignelle L. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9726-13
12 Taguicana, Denzel James A. Marist School SCDQC9690-13
13 Natividad, Marie Alexa B. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9729-13
14 Acebuche, Jake Clarence T. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9663-13
15 Santos, Amos Matthew O. Marist School SCDQC9693-13
16 Samson, Ken Michiko H. Marist School SCDQC9694-13
Level: Grade 4
No. Name School Code Number
1 Castro, Al Patrick C. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9962-13
2 Arellano, Andrei Clyde C. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9963-13
3 Refina, Guillermo Andres C. San Beda College Taytay SCDQC9966-13
4 Capito, Patricia Faith UP Integrated School SCDQC9967-13
5 Matocinos, Yvez Mathrim O. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9964-13
6 Trinidad, Wendell M. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9965-13
7 Panganiban, Patrixia Nicole R. UP Integrated School SCDQC9968-13
8 Sadie, Imerry Heart J. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9664-13
9 Tamayo, Olin John S. UP Integrated School SCDQC9766-13
10 Omandam, Helena Marie A. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9666-13
11 Bolima, Kenneth Christian B.   La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9667-13
12 Calalang, Herwin Pierre Holistic Educational Development Center (HEDCen) SCDQC9652-13
13 Ubando, Vincent Aaron L.  Marist School SCDQC9701-13
14 Policarpio, Shazel Catherine B. Greenpark Montessori Learning Center SCDQC9649-13
15 Gualberto, Jacob Josef T. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9736-13
16 Saribay, Albrecht E. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9737-13
17 Enriquez, Francis  Dave G. Lourdes School of Mandaluyong SCDQC9676-13
18 Cruz, Sebastian Isaac P. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9738-13
19 Concepcion, Christian Raphael B. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9739-13
20 Rondilla, Robert Francis A. Lourdes School of Mandaluyong SCDQC9677-13
21 Linsangan, Paolo Gabriel B. San Beda College Taytay SCDQC9755-13
Level: Grade 5
No. Name School Code Number
1 Shao, Ryan Xavier School SCDQC9768-13
2 Policarpio, Patrick Nino Greenpark Montessori Learning Center SCDQC9648-13
3 Monares, Zeidrich M. UP Integrated School SCDQC9760-13
4 Evangelista, Andrian Nikolai Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9716-13
5 Marquez, John Henry T. UP Integrated School SCDQC9761-13
6 Banatao, Nathan UP Integrated School SCDQC9762-13
7 Felices, John Matthew C. Holistic Educational Development Center (HEDCen) SCDQC9651-13
8 Diola, Bertrand Michael L. UP Integrated School SCDQC9764-13
9 Molines, Jeremy David M. Lourdes School of Mandaluyong SCDQC9675-13
10 Santos, Rainier Andrew C. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9730-13
11 Hontiveros, Nicole Erika E. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9661-13
12 Yapan, Miguel Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9733-13
13 Valderama, Rinoa Genevieve E. Creative Learning School SCDQC9643-13
14 Santiano, Alina G. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9662-13
15 Banzon, Erika M.  Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9734-13
16 Juan, Jethro Jonathan L. San Beda College, Taytay SCDQC9756-13
17 Malapo, Arvin John S. Marist School SCDQC9697-13
18 Bibe, Gabriel Ashlley B. Marist School SCDQC9698-13
Level: Grade 6
No. Name School Code Number
1 Cruz, Jan Joshua P. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9742-13
2 Catindig, Jayson Dwight La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9653-13
3 Eata, Jedd Raynier A. Marist School  SCDQC9702-13
4 Silva, Ralph Laurence La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9654-13
5 Bambalan, David Jonas P. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9743-13
6 Untalan, Jackie Riole J. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9655-13
7 Ramos, David Dale A.  Marist School  SCDQC9703-13
8 Gelera, Christian Philip UP Integrated School SCDQC9763-13
9 Ancermo, Vincent John L. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9744-13
10 Guerra, Karl Emcel M. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9745-13
11 Rivera, Franco Benedict V. UP Integrated School SCDQC9765-13
12 Mores, Rodgina LC A. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9746-13
13 Hautea, Alec Joshua C. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9747-13
14 Ventura, Marion Henry T. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9748-13
15 Gacutan, Carlos Noel T. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9749-13
16 Castillo, Rinoa C. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9750-13
17 Martinez, Andre Emmanuel D.  La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9671-13
18 Fuentes, Justine Marie C.  Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9751-13
19 Castro, Adriane Paul C. Pasig Catholic College     SCDQC9752-13
20 Cruel, Jaoquim Eugenio III F. Marist School  SCDQC9704-13
Level: Grade 7
No. Name School Code Number
1 Wu, Farrell Eldrian MGC New Life Christian Academy SCDQC9704-13
2 Keh, Sedrick Scott Xavier School SCDQC9767-13
3 Uy, Mark Xavier School SCDQC9769-13
4 Uy, Matthew Marist School SCDQC9680-13
5 Gonzales, Lou Irish Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9712-13
6 Diy, Luis Xavier School SCDQC9770-13
7 Lee, Andrew Xavier School SCDQC9771-13
8 Chua, Adrian Xavier School SCDQC9772-13
9 Tech, Lorenz Matthew Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9718-13
10 Jipos, Tofelle John V.  Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9723-13
11 Monares, Zurich M. Batasan National High School SCDQC9641-13
12 Castro, Timothy Kyle  Marist School SCDQC9699-13
13 Joven, Ivan Joshua L. San Beda College, Taytay SCDQC9757-13
Level: Second Year
No. Name School Code Number
1 Segismundo, Jaspher John Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9709-13
2 Gumilao, Thamania Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9715-13
3 See, Joshua Andrew Kylr G. Marist School SCDQC9685-13
4 Pestanas, Jazen Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9719-13
5 Tan, John Lester Dee Hwa Liong Academy SCDQC9645-13
6 Cunanan, Rence Jonah E. Marist School SCDQC9687-13
7 Maliwat, Ryan Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9720-13
8 Reyes, Jonathan Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9721-13
9 Bernardino, Joshua Miguel M. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9657-13
10 Guadalupe, Brian Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9722-13
11 Tutor, Jose Matthew P. Ateneo High School SCDQC9640-13
12 Perfenia, Renz Millard  Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9727-13
13 Roque, Earl James  Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9728-13
14 Morales, Janica Marie T.  La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9660-13
15 Dela Corte, Oenone Gwen Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9731-13
16 Lubangco, Cymon Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9732-13
17 Merencilla, Joshua M. Marist School SCDQC9691-13
18 Inco, Josiah Miguel Marist School SCDQC9692-13
19 Rivera, Keith Nowell V.  Marist School SCDQC9696-13
20 Chua, Alrick Nicholas The Masters Academy SCDQC9759-13
21 Celzo, Kenneth Austin M. Marist School SCDQC9700-13
22 De Borja, Alyanna Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9740-13
23 Perez, Benoni Augustus Ateneo High School SCDQC9639-13
24 Gacutan, David   Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9741-13
Level: Third & Fourth Year
No. Name School Code Number
1 Chua, Arianna The Masters Academy SCDQC9758-13
2 Pullan, Hazel Anne Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9717-13
3 Tudio, John Jedric Marist School SCDQC9682-13
4 Bumanglag, Mikhail Marist School SCDQC9686-13
5 Escolano, Giovanni B. Marist School SCDQC9688-13
6 Santos, Alfonso Miguel Marist School SCDQC9689-13
7 Casanova, Gio Godfrey R. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9656-13
8 Lachica, Daniel T.  La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9658-13
9 Magpayo, Camille Angela  A. Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9725-13
10 Lumacad, Jerome Christian La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9659-13
11 Kasilag, Eugene P. Marist School SCDQC9695-13
12 Almirañez, Meryle Louise S. La Immaculada Concepcion School SCDQC9665-13
13 Pardinas, Clarence Pasig Catholic College SCDQC9665-13
14 Donato, Camilo Miguel Holistic Education and Development Center SCDQC9650-13
15 Yuson, Pierre Benedict L. La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9672-13
16 Del Rosario, Aaron Jules R. La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9673-13
17 Ferrer, Maria Pauline Dee Hwa Liong Academy SCDQC9646-13
18 Chua, Jireh Grace Dee Hwa Liong Academy SCDQC9647-13
19 Ibarra, Myca Zandra Marikina Catholic School SCDQC9678-13
20 Sagcal, Janelle Paola R. La Salle College Antipolo SCDQC9674-13


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  2. How could we receive training if we cannot attend the specified date?

  3. Ma'am Rechie, may we request to change the name of Lei Pojoan Toma Cruz to LEI DOJOAN TOMA CRUZ (Grade 2 -- Dee Hwa Liong Academy) His MTG letter and his merit certificate for the YMIITP has the wrong name. I hope that the future letters/certificates will bear his correct name. Thank you.